YouTube To Introduce Ads-Free Platform In October

YouTube To Introduce Ads-Free Platform In October

One of the main problems that the YouTube users face now is the annoying ads that appear when you are watching the videos. Ad-blocking tools are not completely effective in getting rid of these irritating commercials.

YouTube has announced yesterday that they will provide the content creators an ad-free platform. The new service will not be free, but comes with a fee of $10 per month.

Though YouTube is generating considerable revenue through the ads they are not receiving much profit. YouTube is not satisfied with the break even revenue and was considering introducing subscription-based service.

Last year the company launched Music Key which offers offline access, ad-free music and background play. Though it was launched in last November, the service is still in beta testing condition.

YouTube wants to broaden the subscription program to all the video content offered through their site.

YouTube has started to send emails to content owners to comply with the new terms and conditions of the new service. The message offers the option of either agreeing to the terms by October 22 or the videos will not be available for public display or monetization in the United States.

It looks like YouTube will introduce the new ad-free service by the end of October in the U.S.

It is expected that the company will combine the Music Key and the new service as a single package and will be offered for a monthly payment of $10 which is similar to the payment taken by others in the streaming arena.

According to the email sent out by YouTube, they will be launching the ads-free version to give more choice for the users so that they will be able to create a new source of revenue over time which will supplement the advertising revenue.

The user can accept the agreement by logging in to using the username from your desktop or laptop and follow the directions given.

YouTube has tried to make the process easy and simple. You will be automatically guided through the steps for making the agreement and will be able to pay for the service for the first month in easy steps.

YouTube believes that in spite of the monthly charges imposed, many users will still prefer to use the platform as there are not many choices available for the users. The company reassures that the ads-free platform will be beneficial to the users and they will gradually receive more monetization options as well.


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