YouTube Kids Service Focused On Children Gets Updated

YouTube Kids Service Focused On Children Gets Updated

Everyone knows that YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing websites that you will come across on the internet. Last year, Google decided that it was time that children got their own YouTube dedicated channel and came out with the YouTube Kids’ app. The parents were very happy about this initiative from Google as this would keep the children away from more adult content that is seen on the YouTube network.

The app had to face the hatred of consumer watchdog groups after some time as they claimed that the Kids’ app from YouTube did not do enough to control the content shown on the channel that include references to alcohol, drugs and sex. YouTube has decided to address this concern from parents and have now updated its YouTube Kids’ app to offer more appropriate content for kids. This new update will give parents the freedom to restrict the type of content that their kids must see on the YouTube Kids channel.

The updated YouTube Kids’ app will come with a set of parental controls that will give parents the license to set a password for the service as well as to cut down the search access offered in the app.

The update of the Kids App will also include the details on how to set up the controls for the parents. The new YouTube Kids’ app will also be getting support from Apple TV, Smart TV and Google Chromecast. The parents will also get the option to flag off any videos that escape the YouTube’s filter when a search is made.

The project management director of the YouTube Kids’ app says that the company is always looking to make the video content offered in the app to be a family friendly one. But, sometimes some mishaps happen as no system is perfect.

There are many children who watch the YouTube get access to music videos, cartoons, educational videos, games, web series and much more content. With the updated Kids’ app, the children will get a more user friendly interface where videos are arranged in categories like learning, explore, fun and sows for quick and easy access.

The YouTube Kids’ app might not be perfect, even now after this update. But, it is still a far better app for the kids than accessing the YouTube website. It is not easy for you to self police the regular YouTube website for your child. The YouTube Kids update will be through in the coming weeks.

October 4th, 2015 by