Xbox One Update Will Only Be Rolled Out Slowly

Xbox One Update Will Only Be Rolled Out Slowly

There is an update from Microsoft that calls for all the Microsoft Xbox One users to carry out the update of Windows 10 on the console. If you are not getting the Microsoft Xbox One preview program on your gaming console then there is no need to worry. You just need to try out the Windows 10 app instead of getting the preview program.

There is going to be a release of the beta Xbox One beta version app for Windows 10 that will be coming out later this month. This new app will offer a select set of users to check out the future app updates before they are made public.

The fans will get an opportunity to work on the Xbox Beta app program and to check out the new features and enhancements on offer in the new Microsoft Xbox One update. Xbox One Live’s Larry Hryb said in a blog post that the fans inputs and feedback will help the company to shape the product and its updates. Once the Xbox beta app arrives, the fans will be able to download the app through the Windows store.

The present Xbox One app did get a few updates yesterday. The app will now start to show the apps and the games that your friends are currently engaged in when you check your friend’s list. You will also get the status of your friends on your list as to whether they are online or offline. The friends list will also let you know if they can join you through a party or multiplayer.

The refreshed and updated Activity feed now will help you in doing away with the manual refresh. The Activity feed will let you know the new items to check, like, re-share or that you need to comment on once you keep the Xbox app open.

You also can now check out the progress that your friends make in games that you have recently played. You will get to see options like Gamerscore, achievements won and game completion percentage.

The new update on the Xbox One on Windows 10 will feature the use of the app for carrying out text inputs on Xbox One. You can make use of compatible devices like touch keypads, keyboards or the Xbox app to enter the text in the search boxes and also do other wordy jobs.

All are eagerly waiting for the Xbox update which Microsoft is saying would be the biggest software update on the Xbox One so far.


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