Xbox One Head Not Sure If Xbox Can Overcome PS4 Sales

Xbox One Head Not Sure If Xbox Can Overcome PS4 Sales

The Xbox One from Microsoft did not get a good start in the market when it was launched. Thanks to the efforts put in by Phil Spencer and his team, the gaming console soon started to catch the imaginations of the console lovers. The head of Microsoft’s Xbox One is happy about the journey that the console has had so far. One thing that worries him now is that he is no sure as to whether Xbox One will ever be able to eclipse its fierce competitor PlayStation 4 in terms of sales in the global market.

Sony’s PS4 has been having a good run in the market all these years and it is the top selling gaming consoles for some time now. It has a steady lead over Microsoft’s Xbox One and also Nintendo’s Wii U gaming console. The Xbox One was able to outsell PS4 in Latin America last year. But, still Phil Spencer is not sure that it will be able to upstage PS4 sales at all.

Phil Spencer during his speech at the 2015 Geek Wire Summit said that Sony has a very good product in PS4 and also has a huge lead over Xbox One. He does not think that Xbox One will be able to beat PS4 in sales this generation. He said that Xbox One has great content and a good line up of games and that he loves the Xbox One product.

Spencer said that Microsoft lost the trust of its very loyal customers once the Xbox One as launched. The features, the used games and the system as a whole did not impress the Microsoft fanatics at first and this is where Microsoft lost the battle. It has been hard to recover from its initial launch loss and even though the sales are improving and the quality of games offered are also improving, Microsoft’s Xbox One will have to go a long way if it has plans to upstage PS4.

There came a doubt in the people’s mind very early as to whether Microsoft was building a console for themselves or for the gamers. Once this doubt raised and people started to look at everything on offer from Microsoft Xbox, the trust of the customer is lost in the product.

The only way that Xbox One can get the upper hand over PS4 is to gain as many new customers as they can. Spencer wants his team to concentrate on gaining maximum customers and not to think much about beating Sony’s PS4.
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