Woman Shows Her Secret Of Motivation For Weight Loss Was Her Image On The Phone

Woman Shows Her Secret Of Motivation For Weight Loss Was Her Image On The Phone

Chelsea Stevens had given birth to her son about three years back, after which she started to gain excess body weight. She was a college student in Birmingham and twenty five years of age when she gained a total body weight of 280 pounds. She states that she indulged in pizza and fried chicken mostly which accounted for the weight gain that she found her with.

She states that her love for fast food started off from crusty bread that would be smothered with butter. She did not allow herself to realize how fat she was getting. Even though she felt disgusted every time she looked at herself in the mirror, she could not stop reducing the portions that she was consuming.

She had gone to sit on a roller coaster in 2013 when she was asked to take a larger seat and that is when reality hit her. The same year in October she took a photo of herself to shame herself every time she looked at it and made it as her wallpaper so that she would be compelled to be reminded of her obesity every time she looked at it.

This is a common case of women who give birth and are unable to control their body weight after that. Nice, the health watchdog stated that most new mothers need to be placed on a strict diet soon after giving birth, so that they are able to shed off the pregnancy weight fast. The watchdog has issued guidelines to the GPs who are asked to monitor the body weight of individuals and place them on a weight loss program which would comprise of weekly targets. The guidelines are not only given to the general practitioners, but also to the public. The guidelines are designed to help overweight mothers reduce their body weight and slim down. They need to eat in a healthy manner and showcase the healthy habits to their children as well. The guidelines talk about a program for weight loss that would be for a span of six weeks which would be started off after a post-natal check is done with one’s GP. The guidelines are a must for those who have a body mass index of above 30 which means women who have an average height of 5 ft and 6 inches with a body weight of 13 stone.

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