Will Facebook Bring The Dislike Button?

Will Facebook Bring The Dislike Button

Everyone using Facebook is aware of the ‘like’ button that is offered to Facebook users to like anything that their friends post on their page. There is also a share button that is used by many Facebook users to share information that they get from their friend to other friends on Facebook. But, there have been many Facebook fanatics calling for the addition of one ore button on Facebook to make it wholesome. The button that is in demand is the ‘dislike’ button.

Facebook users want a dislike button added so that they can instantly dislike any post that they do not like. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has said that there is a lot of demand from the Facebook fans for the dislike button. This demand for a dislike button on the social media site has been going on for years. He said that Facebook will be giving a button for its users that would express something beyond the popular ‘like’ button. He said this yesterday at an event held at Facebook’s Menlo Park in California State.

This event was streamed live online and Facebook CEO said that the ‘like’ option is not appropriate for some of the posts. He stated and example that in case of a tragic new event that is circulated on Facebook, people would want to express empathy. But, there is no button on offer from Facebook that expresses empathy.

Facebook is ready to test a button that goes beyond the like button. The Facebook co-founder and CEO, Zuckerberg, said that there are ongoing tests conducted on a button that goes beyond the like button.

Everyone is reporting that Facebook is working on the dislike button. Zuckerberg said that Facebook has veered away from bringing out the ‘dislike’ button as it could be used to reduce the hits to a person’s post. A post could be voted out with the dislike option.

He admitted that Facebook is working on it and is very close to carry out a test on the dislike button. This button has been a subject of discussion with the company for years now. The company would be bringing out a feature soon that will give users the option to express emotions other than just the ‘like’ option.

The dislike option is a really complicated option to offer on Facebook and hence the company will be carrying out several tests before rolling it out for the Facebook users all over the globe.

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