WhatsApp Chat History Can Now Be Backed Up On Google Drive

WhatsApp Chat History Can Now Be Backed Up On Google Drive

All the WhatsApp users on the Android devices will be able to back up their WhatsApp messages, images and videos on the Google Cloud in a couple of months time. Yes, Google has announced its integration with WhatsApp, the popular chatting software and all text messages, voice messages, videos and photos on your WhatsApp can now be backed up on Google Drive.

The WhatsApp users will get the option of backing up their data on the Google drive on a daily or weekly or even monthly basis. If there are too many videos that you have in your WhatsApp, then you also have the option to exclude the back up of WhatsApp video files.

Once the data backup is set on Google drive, then users will be able to use the backup data to restore it on the new Android phone that they switch to any time. This way all your data will not be lost or erased. Even if the user loses any of his or her WhatsApp data or have to restore their phone due to some problems, the backup of all WhatsApp data will be there on the Google drive.

Facebook is the parent company of WhatsApp, but, WhatsApp is not making use of the Facebook infrastructure to provide back up for the user data and is making use of Google drive to back up the WhatsApp data. This seems very interesting.

This new integration between Google and the WhatsApp will make the WhatsApp or Android get closer to the WhatsApp service offered on iOS devices. In iOS devices, Apple’s iCloud storage offers the same backup data storage functionality that Google Drive now offers for WhatsApp for Android.

Google has also confirmed that it will not be using the WhatsApp user’s data stored on the drive to personalize ads. So, there is no need to worry that by using the Google drive to store your WhatsApp data, you could become an easy victim of personalized ads from Google.

So, for all regular users of WhatsApp who would like to look back at their messages and photos after a few months, it is now easy to get the information from the Google Drive. By using this special storage service, WhatsApp users will not have to compromise on the storage space on their Android device. This way you can save a lot of your storage space on your device for other apps or movies or music or games.

October 8th, 2015 by