Weight Loss And Exercise Vital For Women With PCOS

Weight Loss And Exercise Vital For Women With PCOS

There has been a study conducted recently on women who are struggling with fertility issues due to PCOS. The results of the study indicate that weight loss and exercise can help make a difference in these women. The odds of conception are increased greatly when one is able to lose weight and exercise regularly. The research was conducted on a group of 150 women. These women were suffering from PCOS which is the acronym for polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a condition that triggers higher levels of testosterone and androgen in the female body along with sex hormones that have more of male traits, leading to unsuccessful completion of the ovulation cycle in many instances.

About a third of the group of women was able to sustain live births when they exercised and controlled their diet. It is found that women who have PCOS usually experience menstrual cycles that are irregular. They gain weight easily and have excess body hair on their body as well as face. They also suffer from infertility issues. In order to help them regulate the ovulation cycle birth pills are given to boost the secretion of female hormones in their body. However, this stage further disrupts the metabolism process which needs to be controlled by proper diet and exercise.

The group that participated in the study showcased that one third of the women were given birth control pills during the first four months. The second group was asked to diet and do exercise. The third group was given the pills as well as asked to follow a calorie reducing diet and exercise.

Once the initial four months were over, the women who were taking contraceptives were asked to stop and they were taken through medical treatment to induce ovulation. All the women were put under this treatment. The 49 women who were in the first group with birth control, about five were able to have babies. The women who were given the contraceptives as well as told to exercise saw 12 live births while the rest fifty who simply exercised and dieted saw the highest number of live births, about 13. However, as the study number was small, the difference in the outcome between the two groups which followed a diet and exercise might not be meaningful. The study does provide strong suggestions that favor the effects of diet and exercise in helping women to get pregnant even with PCOS, provided they undergo treatment to boost their pregnancy outcomes.

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