VW American CEO: Software Engineers To Be Blamed For Diesel Emissions Cheating Scandal

VW American CEO: Software Engineers To Be Blamed For Diesel Emissions Cheating Scandal

Michael Horn, the CEO of Volkswagen’s American operations, appeared before the House Of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee to hear the questions from the congress about the recent diesel emissions scandal. Horn had to spend most of the time hearing questions from the committee. He denied that Volkswagen was using the cheat software in order to show lower levels of emissions during the diesel engine tests from 2009.

Horn told the congress that the blame has to be put on a few software engineers. This was not a decision taken by the company and this was his point of view. He said that a couple of software engineers had put this software in use in the Volkswagen diesel cars, for reasons which are not known to the company. The CEO said that the Volkswagen group has not been able to identify who the engineers are or how many of them have been involved in the scandal.

The committee members were not ready to buy this answer from Michael Horn. Chris Collins, a representative of the committee, said that the Volkswagen group is ineffectual in operating the business. Horn started the hearing by reading his official statement about the diesel emissions allegations. The statement reads that he and few other Volkswagen employees came to know about the defeat device only during 2014 spring. Horn was informed by the company there were some non-compliance with the emission tests and it could be rectified soon.

CEO Horn informed the committee that even though he was told about the Environmental Protection Agency tests going on, he was not told then that the vehicles contained a defeat device. He came to know about the defeat devices only when he attended a company meeting around 3rd September this year. The news of the Volkswagen diesel engine scandal came out on 18th September.

Horn had to face quite a bit of questioning and verbal attack from 20 members included in the committee. Throughout the hearing, he maintained that he or any of his executives had knowledge about the company using the ‘defeat device’ to cheat on the emission test. He went about the two hour long hearing session warding off the questions from the committee members with contradicting and sometimes confusing answers.

Horn said that he is sure that the Volkswagen group would fix the manipulated cars in one or two years time and make them EPA emissions standard friendly.

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