Volvo XC90 Gets The Top Score In The Latest Crash Tests

Volvo XC90 Gets The Top Score In The Latest Crash Tests

The car manufacturers all over the world have now stepped up their production in order to meet the demands of the Euro NCAP. The cars that are to be launched will have to undergo the crash tests and get the ratings from the Euro NCAP, before it is brought for sale in the markets. The cars are given ratings in the form of stars, like one star, two star, and three star up to a maximum of 5 –star ratings.

In the latest crash tests done on the cars by the Euro NCAP, it was seen that only two out of the nine tested cars missed out on getting a 5-star rating. This shows that the car manufacturers have really stepped up to meet the demands of the NCAP. They are all looking to bring out the best safety standards on their car so that more and more people buy their cars without any hesitations.

The Volvo XC90 was the best car from a distance when it comes to complete safety for the driver and the passenger. The Swedish manufacturer has been always inclined to building the safest cars for their clients and has also stood out among cars when the safety of the car and its passengers are concerned. The adult occupant score the car received was 97% and the child occupant score was 87%. The car also offers 100% safety assist that is not a feature among any of the cars in its class.

The Audi Q7 car also scores better when it comes to safety ratings. It shows 94% adult occupant and 88% child occupant scores and the only let down in the safety standards by the Audi Q7 is when you take into account safety assist and pedestrian categories.

If you are looking to buy the family SUVs that are coming out, then you will be happy to know that Ford Galaxy, Ford S-Max and Toyota Avensis have all received good scores when it comes to safety and also have got the 5-star overall ratings.

Renault Kadjar crossover also received a 5 –star rating during the latest crash tests. In fact, the crossover managed to outperform its closest rival Nissan Qashqai in the safety ratings, even though both the cars share the same platform.

The cars to miss out on the five star ratings include the Mazda CX-3 and the all new Mitsubishi L300 pickup. The results of these crash tests suggest that more and more manufacturers are giving due importance to car safety than before.

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