Volvo Wants Other Car Manufacturers To Accept Autonomous Liability

Volvo Wants Other Car Manufacturers To Accept Autonomous Liability

The announcement of the CEO and President of Volvo cars, Hakan Samuelsson, that the company will take full responsibility of the crashes that involve their self driving cars. This has prompted the US auto regulators to announce that it is looking forward to more auto makers to ensure driverless car safety like what Volvo has assured.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) head has said that he welcomed the decision made by some of the auto manufacturers to take full responsibility of accepting the liability of the self driving cars in case it gets involved in an accident. He said that such assurances from all the auto manufacturers will help in easing the smooth entry of the autonomous cars in the market and this can lead to the commercial sale of the vehicles soon.

Volvo is the latest auto manufacturer to have announced that it can be held responsible if its autonomous car system causes an accident. The NHSTA head has said that Mercedes Benz and Google have also assured that they can be held responsible if their autonomous cars running on the road cause an accident. At present, both these companies are testing their self driving cars.

This move had full praise from the administrator of NHSTA, Mark Rosekind and said that such initiatives would help in the smooth releasing of the cars in the auto market. Volvo CEO says that a simple statement like accepting responsibility of autonomous car crashes can solve many of the challenges that most companies are facing to bring their autonomous car into the market. If manufacturers are confident about the product that they make, then they should be ready to accept the responsibility if their self driving cars cause an accident.

If the car makers are not willing to make such statements that Volvo has done, then there is no point in developing an autonomous car. There have been announcements made by Volvo, Google and Mercedes Benz in a span of a few days and this means that they are very serious about bringing their autonomous project into the world soon.

Samuelsson said that the inaction from the auto manufactures part will only cause a barrier to the implementation of the autonomous car commercially. He also sought help from federal regulators to get the roads ready for bringing the self driving cars into the market.

The US lawmakers and the car regulators feel that regulations for the autonomous cars driving on the US roads will not be in place till the end of this decade.
Image Credit : Volvo

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