Volvo Reveals The Details Of Auto Pilot Feature

Volvo Reveals The Details Of Auto Pilot Feature

Volvo is inching closer to the D-day in 2017 where it will be commencing the 100 car self driving pilot program in Sweden’s Gothenburg. The project looks to be taking shape and Volvo has revealed a few things about the project in order to keep the analysts, critics as well as the customers busy.

The new revelation by Volvo on its autonomous pilot driving project is the video explaining how the 2016 XC90s will work in autonomous modes. The car will be in the full self driving mode. The video also shows how the cars will hand over the control of the car back to the hands of the driver after it has completed its robotic trip.

The Auto pilot feature video that Volvo has released shows the beginning as well as the end of a self driving journey in the XC 90 car. In order to commence the self drive journey, the person seated on the driver’s seat keys in a destination to the Volvo’s navigation system.

Once the system inside the car is ready to take control of the car, it will light up both the shift paddles and both the paddles will be pulled simultaneously. This is the signal that the auto pilot mode is on and the car is ready to be auto piloted.

While on the journey, the car will be showing to the driver as to how many minutes more is left for the car to reach the chosen destination. There will also be animations of different traffic scenarios shown by the car in real time for the driver to be aware of what is in front of him. You can get to know about the cars behind, in front of your car or even next to your car.

It is time for the driver to take control of the car once the counter timer reaches the one minute mark. This is the time that the driver gets to take control of the car through the paddles. If the driver does not take control, then the car will stop at the chosen destination.

If the autopilot system is facing any difficulties in the middle of the ride, it will give the driver a warning period to take control of the car. If the request is not heeded by the driver, the car will pull over to the side and come to a halt all by itself.
Image Credit : VolvoCars

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