Volkswagen U.S. Dealers Want U.S. CEO To Stay

Volkswagen U.S. Dealers Want U.S. CEO To Stay

The dealers of the Volkswagen brand in the United States have unanimously said that they do not want the CEO Michael Horn to leave or to be changed by the Volkswagen Group because of the diesel engine scandal that broke out last week. Volkswagen CEO of USA, Michael Horn, is a very good man and the dealers want him to continue in his office e after the cheat software case that rocked the Volkswagen brand.

There were recent reports coming through that Volkswagen Group was looking to change the U.S. CEO and put another person as the CEO. This made the dealer’s body to express its unconditional support to Horn.

The Volkswagen dealers said that unless they find an issue with Horn and find some form of involvement from the CEO’s side on an issue, they do not favor the removal of the CEO. This might lead to devastation in the market. The 12 member National Dealer Advisory Council of Volkswagen in the U.S.A said that this could also cause a dent in their relationship with Volkswagen.

Michael Horn has served Volkswagen for 25 long years and has been in the top job of the company for its U.S. operations since January 2014. He was responsible for scraping out the past dealer policies and this helped him to win the support of many of Volkswagen dealers. He is very kind and supportive of his dealers and the Volkswagen dealers to shower their love and praise for him whenever they get a chance.

The horn is the person who brought the Volkswagen Golf to America, particularly the Golf Sportwagen Alltrack to the U.S. He also worked hard to persuade the Volkswagen Group to reduce the time of the product cycles so that certain models were renewed quicker than normal. This helped the VW brand to adjust to the changes in the market very quickly.

The fallout of the diesel engine emission test has resulted in Volkswagen then CEO Martin Winterkorn to step down and hand over the charge to Porsche CEO, Matthias Mueller. Volkswagen has also dismissed many of its top executives for the cheat software that the company used in many of its diesel engines in order to make the engines adhere to the U.S. emission testing standards.

The U.S. chief executive Horn also said that the company had completely screwed up over the emissions scandal and will have to really dig deep into the market in order to win the confidence of the people.


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