Volkswagen Given November 20 Deadline To Fix Diesel Violations In California

Volkswagen Given November 20 Deadline To Fix Diesel Violations In California

It looks like the various states in the United States is now tightening its leash around Volkswagen to soon find a fix for the cars involved in diesel emissions scandal. California Air Resources Board (CARB) has given November 20th as the deadline for Volkswagen to bring out a plan to take care of the diesel cars in California that was affected by the biggest scandal ever seen in the auto industry.

Volkswagen had acknowledged that as many as 11 million VW diesel vehicles all over the world has to be re- fitted as they could be carrying a fraudulent software that can easily undercut the emission levels during the diesel engine tests. The CARB spokesperson said that a compliance letter was sent to Volkswagen on September 18th as soon as the diesel emissions scandal broke out. As per the norms, 45 business days are given to the company to come back with an answer to the crisis. Hence, November 20th becomes the deadline date for Volkswagen to spell out its plans for re-fitting the affected diesel cars.

The diesel emission scandal was the biggest crisis that Volkswagen group has faced in its 78 year old history in the auto industry. This crisis forced the long term CEO to quit his job, wiped off 1/3rd of Volkswagen’s share price and also lead to investigations against the company all over the world.

California will also be carrying out emission tests on other diesel cars that are sold in the Californian market. The results of the test will be published by the authorities in a few months’ time. All this is happening in the U.S when Volkswagen America is expected to bring out 2016 diesel engines into the market. The EPA plans to carry out more number of stringent tests on the vehicles to ensure that the diesel Volkswagen cars abide by the emissions laws set in the U.S. only after the 2016 models pass all the tests will the sales of the car begin in the country. This means that it could take several months for Volkswagen America to sell the 2016 diesel models.

The EPA testing process can only start if Volkswagen submits a new application to get the EPA certification for 2016 2.0 liter diesel engines. Volkswagen had withdrawn its application for the tests on its vehicles by EPA this week. It is not clear when Volkswagen will be submitting a new application.

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