Voice Search Feature By Google Is Getting Better

Voice Search Feature By Google Is Getting Better

If you have been using Google voice search feature on your phone, then you would have noticed by now that the feature has become faster and also quite accurate than before. Google has been working on this feature to offer better service to their users. The improvements made to the voice search feature have made it more accurate and it can search properly even in noisy environments.

Google has carried out a lot of work on the popular voice search app so that the app easily recognizes spoken words better on both iOS and Apple devices. It will not need powerful computational resources to find out the sounds in real time. This is all due to the recurrent neural network (RNN) used by Google to aid the proper functioning of the Google Play Store app. The recurrent neural network has the power to capture every word you speak and interpret in its own way.

Google has also worked on the voice search to consume audio in large portions than before. The training data have been revamped to even recognize the words that you speak in noisy places and environments. This was not possible earlier. There was lots of handwork and research put in by the speech experts to make this possible.

The research team working on the Google audio search app had to create many additional improvements to the already existing, but not so popular app. They had to tweak the model to strike a proper balance between latency and improved predictions.

The main problem that the speech experts were facing was on how to make this feature happen in real time. After many trials as well as permutations and combinations, they were able to train unidirectional and streaming models that take in the audio that is coming in large portions than the earlier conventional models.

The computations were drastically reduced and this led to faster voice recognition. The training data was also made to learn more artificial noises and reverberations so that it performs perfectly. All the additional improvements that were added to the model helped in creating a more accurate and faster acoustic model that will help in easy detection of real voice traffic.

The Google search app is getting more and more popular now. There are reports that it is the 4th most used apps in the United States. The year over year growth of the Google search app has now surpassed the Facebook app.




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