Virtual Reality Will Become Part Of Life, Says Zuckerberg

Virtual Reality Will Become Part Of Life, Says Zuckerberg

The CEO of the most popular social networking site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, always lets his heart out when he is asked a question or two. He was asked a big question when he was lecturing about the virtual reality at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit held in San Francisco. The question asked was as to whether Facebook will be coming out with augmented reality. Zuckerberg was immediate to answer in the affirmative and said that it would take some time.

Zuckerberg said the VR would be the future as there has been vast advancements made by technology and it has also gotten cheaper now. He said that virtual reality will be coming out sooner than later and it will also become part of our daily life in the future, like the mobile phones.

There should be no doubt about Facebook’s keen interest in virtual reality after the company buying Oculus. Facebook bought Oculus, the virtual reality startup, for a whooping $2 billion in 2014. Michael Abrash of Facebook said that virtual reality has basically arrived on the technology scene. Augmented reality does present a few problems because of its nature and this is why it will take some time to arrive so that it becomes as practicable as VR.

Zuckerberg said that virtual reality is the next big computing thing to happen in this world and will take decades to catch on to the consumers. People are excited about VR and in due course of time there will be millions of units offering VR, just like how popular Smartphones are today.

Augmented reality is a different kettle of fish to virtual reality and gives Facebook a different opportunity. There is no doubt that many of the leading tech companies are looking forward to VR and augmented reality taking shape. Zuckerberg turns out to be the latest tech major VIP to come forward to support virtual reality.

The Oculus Rift headset is all set to be launched by Facebook in March 2016. Facebook is already working on future advancements like augmented reality through research. Zuckerberg is of the belief that in 15 years there were be billions of units on VR sold all over the globe. At first, it will be bought by tech and gaming enthusiasts.

If Smartphones and tablets have been able to generate tremendous attention in the world, then there is no way virtual reality and augmented reality will be left behind.

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