USB Wireless Windows 10 Adapter For Xbox One Arrives On October 20

USB Wireless Windows 10 Adapter For Xbox One Arrives On October 20

There is no doubt that wireless controllers will be a boon for any gaming console than the wired options. With a wireless controller in place you need not worry about power connection problems. Microsoft’s Xbox One is going to have the wireless adapter for Windows 10 on USB to go on sale from October 20.

This is a great way to control the content that you stream from your Xbox One device to your PC monitor wirelessly. There is no need for any long cables or complicated wires from now on to stream the content on your Xbox One to the PC. Microsoft, the software giant, looking to also make an impression with its hardware lineups, is hoping that most of the Xbox One users take advantage of this new wireless controller that works on the latest Windows 10 operating system.

All you need is to get the wireless controller USB for Windows 10 and plug it to your laptop or Windows desktop to enjoy wireless gaming through the Xbox One controller. The USB dongle will come out on October 20th and it is priced at $25. The Xbox One controller costs about $60 and the USB dongle will cost you $25. This sounds a bit expensive, but is a good package for everyone looking to buy separate controllers for bedroom or office.

It is an ideal option for those who do not like to always carry the wireless controller from one room to another. The new USB dongle can be used on both Xbox One wireless controller as well as in conjunction with the Xbox wireless controller. This will allow you to play both the Xbox One games as well as the Windows 10 games. You can also enjoy the in game chat and stereo sound features using the new USB dongle for Xbox One wireless controller.

The wireless adapter is an effort from the Microsoft side to bring together or merge the Windows 10 OS and the Xbox One. This will help in bridging the gap between the two. Microsoft has not announced any pre-order options to get the new USB wireless dongle. The new dongle will be working only with Windows 10 OS and with Xbox One controller and does not work with Xbox 360 controllers.

It is currently not available for sale on the Microsoft store. The adapter will only be made available after it has been launched by the company on October 20.
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