U.S. To Get Only 100 Ford GTs In 2016

U.S. To Get Only 100 Ford GTs In 2016

If you have any plans of buying the Ford GT in 2016, then you cannot count on seeing the Ford GT sits on the dealership floors for longer next year. Yes, the 2017 Ford GT that will be released next year will only have 100 units to be sold through American dealerships in 2016.

This carbon fiber super racing car is built by Multimatic Motorsports in Canada, which is the racing partner of Ford. The company had alerted car buyers in March itself that the Ford GT cars that would be produced in the first year would be around 250 or so. The Ford GT is expected to carry a base price of $400,000. There are as many as 3,200 Ford dealerships spread across the length and breadth of North America. There is no clue as to how Ford will be distributing 100 Ford GTs to these 3200 dealerships.

There is news from inside sources that only 200 cars will be coming out in 2016 and the U.S. will get only 100 units. The other 100 units will be sold in other countries. There is no doubt that the demand will exceed the supply, even if the 2017 Ford GT super car carries a $400,000 price tag.

Those interested to buy the 2017 Ford GT will have to apply for the car. If they are selected, buyers will get a chance to choose the Ford dealer that they would prefer to get the delivery of the GT supercar. This sounds more like a college or a school admission.

The deliveries of the Ford GT car are still a year away. The exact specifications and other details of the car are not let out now. There is no information about the engine that would be powering the super GT car. There are reports that Ford would be using a 3.5 liter V6 twin turbo engine under the hood of the Ford GT. The company is looking to produce more than 600 HP of power through this engine. The torque that the car could achieve might be close to 539 pound- feet. These numbers are just rumors and there is no confirmation from Ford on these numbers and specifications.

The spy shots of the Ford GT car suggest that the car is under production. There is no confirmation as of yet on whether Ford would be looking to increase the GT production for the second year of production.





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