Twitter Allows Native Poll Tweets

Twitter Allows Native Poll Tweets

Twitter is looking at different ways and means of expanding its user base and to include more and more members in its social platform. One of the features that are offered by twitter now is the option to allow users to launch polls on the micro blogging platform itself. Twitter, by offering new features, is looking to increase its user base and make its investors happy.

These native polls, features offered on an experimental basis by Twitter will give the opportunity for Twitter users to launch two answer polls for their followers without needing them to leave the Twitter platform.

The Chief Financial Officer on Twitter, Antony Noto, was the first to use this new native polls feature introduced on the social media site. Noto posted a question tweet that was short, but was important: boxers or briefs? This is followed by two options and users just need to tick any answer that they find suitable in the box provided.

This feature will not work with any of the third party desktop platforms like TweetDeck. You will also not find the native polls featured in embedded tweets. The confirmation that twitter is working on a native polling feature was confirmed by its spokesperson, Aly Pavela.

At present, the Twitter native polls feature is only visible to the website and Twitter’s mobile apps. There is no confirmation as to whether this new native polls feature is rolled out to Twitter’s 316 million monthly active users.

This feature is in its nascent stage and there are also chances for Twitter to shelve it, if it finds that the feature is not working as expected. This is not the first time that Twitter has moved in this direction. It had earlier also added polls to the communication service. The companies were allowed to poll their followers through card polls earlier.

The new native polls feature will allow all the polls to enjoy a 24 hour time limit. Twitter has denied providing more details and information into the new native polls feature. What is known for now is that this poll feature is accessible only to a select group of users.

The Twitter employees, verified and non verified profiles in the sports and media field have been allowed to use the native polls feature, as of now. Twitter is introducing this new feature in a bid to earn profits and to make its investors happy. This is one way of increasing Twitter usage and to get more people active on Twitter.


September 27th, 2015 by