Twitch Video Streaming App Coming To PS4 This Fall

Twitch Video Streaming App Coming To PS4 This Fall

If you are a PlayStation user, then you will be happy to know that the Twitch app is all set to make its debut on PS4 this fall. This information was disclosed yesterday at the first ever TwitchCon conference by the CEO of the company Emmett Shear. He said that the Twitch app will not just be making its debut on PlayStation 4, but will also be coming to PS3 and PlayStation Vita.

Once Twitch app comes to PlayStation, it will be available for both the Xbox One users as well as PlayStation users. This new app will give the PS4 users the option to watch live streaming on their PS4, PS3, PC as well as other platforms.

This is one of the greatest new for all PS4 fans who are heading into the holiday season. After giving details of the possible launch of the Twitch app on PlayStation, Twitch has said that the players will get more features and improvements from the app.

The new features that PS4 users will get to use in the Twitch app are: full chat connectivity and support, special section for PS4 highlights and the option to follow up channels and games. Interacting with a broadcaster or following or watching a game live on Twitch can be easily done by PlayStation users.

The full chat support can be used by the PlayStation users to include emotes like turbo emotes, face emotes and robot emotes to get full chat functionality. The app will give you the option of following games and channels that you like.

The Twitch app gives you the option of watching your channels as Twitch streams all types of big screen and hence you need not watch channels on your computer monitor anymore.

The New Twitch app gives PS4 users a full Twitch experience. It is a tool that will allow you to broadcast your game with the touch of a button.

The app also offers other features like: video playlists, option to upload your video directly on the platform, full HTML5 video player, playlist customization where you can add your favorite broadcasts and highlights and Whispers 2.0.

The Twitch app also gives you the option to turn your own channel into a 24 x 7 one where your fans will be able to chat or watch the content on your channel, even if you are online or offline.

The Twitch functionality has already been added to PS4 and you can access it by pressing the share button on the DualShock 4.


September 27th, 2015 by