Toyota To Offer ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) Package In 3 Cars By Year End

Toyota To Offer ITS Package In 3 Cars By Year End

Toyota, one of the leading car manufacturers in Japan, will be bringing talking cars into the market. Talking cars are vehicles that will be able to share as well as receive data transmitted from other vehicles and from external sources. In simple words, this is called as the communication between vehicles.

This kind of communication is very important in the case of self driving vehicles as they offer all the required safety information that the cameras and sensors on the autonomous cars would not receive. There are many auto manufacturers who are working relentlessly on the talking car technology. But, the Japanese automaker is the first in the industry to announce such a project and offer it to the consumers.

Three vehicles from Toyota will be coming out with intelligent transportation system safety package by the end of 2015. Toyota has said that these cars would be first sold in Japan only.

There is no revelation made from the company’s side as to which of the vehicles will be offered with the ITS package. The company also has not let out the cost of the package. There is no information about this package being introduced in the Toyota cars that has sold in the United States.

The ITS technology works on 760 MHz frequency, standard frequency in Japan.  This frequency will help in sending and receiving information without any problem between vehicles.

Toyota will be the first car manufacturer in the world that uses an ITS technology to carry out the driver assist function in vehicles.

If, there are proper equipments like cameras and sensors placed on roads, traffic signals will be able to warn the driver of the vehicle fitted with ITS, when it is nearing the red light and does not slow down. This is one possible outcome where infrastructure to vehicle communication will help in preventing the accidents.

Communication between vehicles would help in better cruise control. This will help multiple vehicles moving in arrow on a highway to adjust the speed all by itself and help maintaining the easy flow of traffic. It is not easy to implement this technology in the United States right now. If Toyota is successful in this pilot project in Japan and the car manufacturers in the U.S also make use of the talking car technology, then there is every possibility for this feature to be implemented in the U.S soon.

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