Toyota Self-Driving Car To Enter The Market In 2020

Toyota Self-Driving Car To Enter The Market In 2020

It looks like the year 2020 will be a significant year in the history of the auto market. A new chapter will be opened in the auto industry as 2020 is going to be the year when self-driving cars will take the roads in most parts of the world.

The popular Japanese car manufacturer Toyota is looking to bring out its autonomous cars into the car market in 2020. Google, Nissan and General Motors also have plans to come out with their respective self-driving cars by 2020.

Toyota has let out the news that it has started to test their autonomous technology on a car called the “Highway Teammate”. This car is a modified version of the Lexus GS. Toyota revealed its mobility teammate concept on the Lexus car on the Tokyo freeway last Tuesday. This concept means that the artificial intelligence used in the car works with the driver as a team.

The interaction between the driver and the car should be in such a way that it mirrors the close interaction between friends who have a common goal in mind. This is was Toyota is looking to offer through the mobility team mate concept. The concept works on the principle of two friends, watching over each other and also helping out each other whenever needed.

The road test on the Tokyo Shuto expressway by the modified Lexus GS was negotiated safely and successfully. The car was able to change lanes and also merge into or move out of the highways autonomously. The self-driving system of Lexus is designed for the highways this is more or less similar to Volvo’s autonomous car feature.

The Toyota Lexus GS was tested on the road with all the sensors on it. A visual camera was set-up at the rear view mirrors front side. The Lidar as well as millimeter wave radar scanners not only adorn the grill, but appeared in the lower side of the front fascia. These scanners were also seen on both sides of the back bumper and also on the roof spoiler of the car.

With all sensors intact, the Toyota Lexus GS can overtake slower moving vehicles, merge or exit highways and also handle sweeping curves with ease. The details of how the computer in the car is looking after the brakes, throttle and steering inputs are all displayed on the infotainment screen. The auto pilot feature of the Lexus GS can be initiated by pressing a button fitted on the steering wheel.

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