Toyota Mirai Gets 1900 Bookings In The First Two Months In The US

Toyota Mirai Gets 1900 Bookings In The First Two Months In The US

There is no doubt that more and more people in the world are now looking to use less polluted vehicles for their commuting purposes. Toyota Mirai fuel cell car is making a big statement in the United States and the car has got the best start that it could probably have imagined in America.

As many as 1,900 bookings have been received so far for the Mirai fuel cell car in just two months time. This is truly a remarkable achievement by the leading auto manufacturer from Japan.

Toyota has said that the booking of the Mirai car has exceeded its expectations in the United States and that it would be difficult for the automaker to deliver 1,900 cars in 2016. It has just earmarked 1000 Mirai fuel cell cars for the US. The company is currently taking a view of the order requests that it has received from America. Toyota will commence the delivery of the Mirai cars to the pre-booked customers later this month.

The customers who are interested to book the Toyota Mirai cars need to visit the website to place the order for the car. The website has been up for the past two months. If you are looking to book the Mirai car now, you will be instantly directed to the wait list. The production of the car is lower than the high demand and hence the waiting period for the car will also be long. All customers on the waitlist will be informed by Toyota once the production gets underway.

Toyota had issued a statement on January 2015 about increasing the production of the Mirai car in order to meet the global demands of the car. There has been an outstanding response to the fuel cell car from Toyota from the global car lovers.

The fuel cell car Mirai makes use of the hydrogen gas for the tanks and combines with oxygen to produce electricity that will help with power driving the 152 HP electric motor fitted in the car. The motor will give the power to the front wheels of the car to move forward. The gas tanks can be refueled in just 5 minutes time.

The 2016 Toyota Mirai fuel cell car offers a mileage of 67 miles per gallon for the combined city and highway road conditions. It can offer you a driving range of 312 miles for one full tank of hydrogen gas.
Image Credit : TOYOTA

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