Toro Sport PickUp Truck From Fiat Teaser Image Revealed

Toro Sport PickUp Truck From Fiat Teaser Image Revealed

Fiat has just recently teased an image of its forthcoming pickup sports utility truck. The pickup looks top class in the image and is more or less similar to the FCC4 concept that Fiat had earlier showcased. This new sports utility pickup is named as Toro by the company and it is not sure as to whether the car will be coming out in this Toro name.

The Toro sports utility pickup truck is said to come out with a combination of the comfort and driving characteristics of a sports utility vehicle and the strengths of a pickup truck. The design cues of the FCC4 concept vehicle that was showcased by Fiat at last year’s Sao Paolo Motor Show looks to be borrowed by the Toro pickup.

The prototype of the Fiat Toro shows that the company is entering a new segment, even though there are plenty of vehicles in the market that offers the comfort and drivability of the SUV and is sturdy and strong like a pickup.

There is no doubt that Toro would look majestic and attractive one the production ready model images come up on the internet. Fiat looks to be committed to this model as it has already shown the teaser image of the prototype Toro. This will be mid-sized pickup SUV truck.

Fiat is looking to bring out the new Toro pickup truck early next year to South America and then it will launch in other places as well as the U.S. The vehicle would be debuting in a new segment and this will be the first time that Fiat will be bringing out a vehicle that is in the sports utility pickup segment.

The teaser image that was revealed by Fiat is a darker one and not much detail is visible from the teaser image. The truck looks to be having a unique front broad fascia with LED headlights, hexagonal grille with chrome inserts in the front and a tall front end.

There is a rumor coming through that Fiat has developed the Toro on the Mitsubishi Triton and would be using the engine of this vehicle under the hood of the forthcoming Toro pickup truck. This means that the base version of Toro will be fitted with a 1.8 liter engine that offers maximum power of 140 HP. The vehicle will be coming out in both two wheel drive as well as four wheel drive setups.

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