Tinder Opens Super Like Option For All Users

Tinder Opens Super Like Option For All Users

One of the most popular apps used on mobile platforms is the Tinder app. This is an app that allows you to connect with interesting people all over the globe and is a free app. There are as many as 26 million matches made on this app every single day. This is the digital equivalent of making an eye contact with someone you notice in a restaurant or coffee shop or bar.

Tinder has gone a step further to offer an important feature in its app called the Super Like. This feature is now offered globally and it is a digital equivalent to going across to a person that you like at a restaurant or coffee shop and saying that ‘I like you’.

The Super Like feature was first opened to only users in Australia as a beta earlier in the month of September. The company studied the use of the Super like button among the Australian users and found that after implementing this feature, the likelihood of finding the best match through the use of the Super Like option grew by 3x times.

The conversations that were started after the Super Like did last on an average of seventy percent more than the regular conversations that took place earlier. Tinder did not want to disclose the average length of the conversation after the Super Like feature was introduced.

This made Tinder decide on opening the Super Like feature on its app to the global users so that they find the right match and also use the app more to converse with their match. This feature from Tinder offers you with the option of showing your interest in a person instantly. This feature will let you tell the person you are interested in that you are more interested in the person than the normal right swipe like feature.

If you super like a contact and your profile appears on the feed of the contact, then your profile will be carrying a small badge that shows to the contact that you have super liked them. This will give the contact to check into your profile in detail and this way you can also be able to find your match easily.

Tinder’s CEO Sean Read said that it seems more and more women users are taking a liking to the Super Like feature offered on Tinder in Australia. The Tinder unpaid users will be getting to use Super Like feature only once a day.
Image Credit : TechCrunch

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