The Top Stolen Cars In The US In 2014

The Top Stolen Cars In The US In 2014

The theft of cars and other vehicles in the U.S is on the slide down with every passing year. But, still every auto owner must be aware that his or her vehicle is always under the threat of getting stolen. One of the most striking features of the auto thefts that you see happening every year in America is that the same vehicles top the auto theft list put out by the National Insurance Crime Bureau in its Hot Wheels annual report.

Like every year, 2014 also saw the Honda Accord being the most stolen cars and the number of cars stolen stands at 51,290. The Honda Civic is the second most stolen vehicles in the United States in 2014 and a total of 43,936 Civics were stolen last year. There are no findings suggesting why the Honda cars are most preferred by the car thieves. It could be because Honda lacks proper security measures or if this car has good value in the stolen market.

The other popular cars in demand are: Ford Pickup, Chevy Pickup, Toyota Camry, Dodge cars, Nissan Altima and Maxima.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has suggested a few things that car owners need to do in order to prevent their cars from being stolen. The most important thing that every car owner must do is to lock the car and to carry the car keys along wherever you go. Many thefts take place in the U.S due to the carelessness of the car owners as they leave the car keys in the car or the doors and most times do not lock their cars.

It would be better off for auto owners to install an audible or visible warning device that will sound an alarm if an intruder tries to access it. This is one way to ensure that the car stays where you have left it.

Installing tracking devices in your car will send a signal to the monitoring station or police as soon as the car is stolen. They are a great tool to fit in the car as it will help in easily retrieving the stolen vehicles. There are a few tracking systems that make use of ‘telematics’ that combines GPS and wireless technologies so that the car can be remotely monitored.

You can also make use of an immobilization device in your car to prevent its mobility when someone else accesses your car. If you cut off fuel supply or use smart keys or kill switches, then the car will not get started.

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