The New Lexus RX Targets New Generation Customers

The New Lexus RX Targets New Generation Customers

The RX crossover of Lexus has remained the best-selling SUV since it entered into the market in 1998. This luxury crossover vehicle has remained in the market with regular styling overhaul, safe and modest design. Lexus has achieved 2.1 million sales of RX globally.

The fourth generation Lexus RX is coming to the market with better features and performance and style.

Even though the third generation Lexus RX was a good performer, the re-designing was done to make the RX appealing to the new generation customers and give something new to the returning customers said the Marketing Manager of Lexus, Brian Bolain.

The loyal buyers of RX were expecting some changes and are happy about the new RX so that they will be able to buy the progressed model of their favorite vehicle.

Lexus as well as Toyota, the parent company wanted to add changes to the styling as part of bringing more emotions to their products. The company is expected to start the ad campaign this fall.

Lexus knows that it is important to keep the loyal buyers contented as 40 percent of the Lexus RX buyers in US are their repeat customers. Last year Lexus was able to sell 107,490 units of RX and this comes to 35% of the total volume of sales of the company.

Lexus has added a sportier look to the vehicle externally while the interior changes are negligible and straightforward. The instrument panel in the new model has a 12.3 inch screen. However, Lexus has retained the joystick controller from RX for the infotainment system. The other models of Lexus come with touchpad controller.

The new Lexus RX comes with the performance –oriented F sport package to attract the younger customers. This package features minor trim modification in the exterior as well as the interior of the vehicle. This includes upgraded seats, 20 inch wheels, driver-adaptable suspension, etc. These features are expected to make the vehicle acceptable to buyers with an average age less than 12 years of the present buyers.

Lexus at present has no plans to introduce the turbo charged RX200t in the U.S market.

Lexus has not revealed the pricing of its RX lineup. However, it is expected to be under $45,000 for the base RX 350.

Like the earlier models the new RX will be five seater, but the vehicle is 4.7 inches longer than the earlier model and has 1.9 inch longer wheelbase.

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