The Forthcoming Porsche Boxster And Cayman Models To Get Four Cylinder Turbo Engines

The Forthcoming Porsche Boxster And Cayman Models To Get Four Cylinder Turbo Engines

The Lineup of Cayman and Porsche Boxster range of vehicles will be using a four cylinder turbo engine that promises to make considerable impact on the market. These changes that are lined up to get these cars fitted with four cylinder engines that are turbo charged will show the shift of power to the turbo side. The 911 model that has been face lifted will also feature this change. Even though the mainstream versions are set to become turbo based, the versions like Boxster Spyder and Cayman GT4 will see the naturally aspirated engines remain.

The current models like Cayman GT4 as well as the Boxster Spyder are known to be fitted with the 3.8 liter engine of the naturally aspirated category and the response of the performance of these engines has been encouraging from the market. Hence, it might also be considered that Porsche models continue to use the naturally aspirated models even when other cars stop using the same.

There are engineering challenges that are hard to forego in models that are fitted with the six as well as the four cylinder engines. Many customers are also inquiring about the hybrid models that come of the plug in variety and that is an area where the manufacturer is concentrating on as well.

The move to create turbo charged engines of smaller capacity has been taken up mainly due to the emission concerns. However, the balance has to be maintained between emission factors as well as acceleration, torque, high speed and performance that customers expect out of these vehicles.
There have been claims made that the 911 and Cayman would see a wide gap in terms of performance as well as price, but the executives of the company are refuting those claims. The two cars are different, one being a two seater and the mid engine vehicle while the other is a vehicle that has a 2+2 rear engine model. Hence, the customer segment that will want the cars will be different and hence, the prices will not be a consideration for the specific and distinct customers of both vehicles.

Thus, for those who are looking at performance oriented models, they will surely like the changes being brought to the Boxster and Cayman but they will not be comparing 911 Carrera to the same segment of cars. There would be variations of sporty models in different segments so that customers have ample choices in each segment.


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