The Bespoke Edition Rolls Royce Wraith Unveiled

The Bespoke Edition Rolls Royce Wraith Unveiled

There is a new Rolls Royce Wraith being introduced into the market called the Rolls Royce wraith – History of Rugby, in order to celebrate the history of the popular English sport, rugby. This is the latest wraith luxury car edition to be coming out of the Rolls Royce Bespoke design studio in Goodwood, England.

This new Wraith bespoke edition car is the opposite of the Rolls Royce wraith – inspired by fashion car that the company showcased in May. Both the fashion and the rugby can look one and the same at a distance. This white colored Rolls Royce wraith is to evoke the white shirts worn by the rugby players of the British Rugby School in Warwickshire as well as the English national rugby team.

On closer inspection, you will find this bespoke edition Rugby Rolls Royce wraith has a dark green pinstripe and a red rose emblem on the front fender. The car also comes out with 21 inch wheels. The red rose is emblazoned one on each of the headrest and seat. The door piping is in Hotspur Red color.

The dash of the Rolls Royce Wraith rugby edition is piano black in color and has a red rose inlaid in the center. The car also features special door sill plates. This rugby edition is the latest creation to come out of the stable of Bespoke team after the fashion inspired model as well as the Wraith – inspired by music model. This special edition car is a one off car and Rolls Royce can create one for you, if you are a rugby player with an interest in red roses and white.

The mechanics of the Wraith rugby edition do not come with any changes. The design features of the car only have inspirations from the English rugby like white exterior paint that pays homage to the England national team’s jersey color. There is no doubt that the car is an adorable one and the fact that there is just one of a kind is where many of the diehard English rugby fans could have a problem with.

There will only be one car that will be built by the Rolls Royce Company for the Wraith – History of Rugby edition. At the time of writing this news, it is till for sale. If you would like to own one, then you need to rush. Do not delay as it might be sold as soon as you even think of buying it.


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