Tesla Model X SUV Finally Launched

Tesla Model X SUV Finally Launched

The all electric sports utility vehicle from Tesla Motors, the Tesla Model X, was launched on Tuesday by its CEO Elon Musk. The car is said to offer the best safety when it comes to electric vehicles. There is only one regret that the CEO Musk is having with this new X SUV. He said that the company might have gone a little overboard in an attempt to improve the engineering on the electric car.

During the launch function, Tesla Motors CEO, Musk handed out six numbers of Model X SUVs to a selected group of investors and board members. The launch was arranged in front of thousands of Tesla car fanatics as well as customers. The event happened late in the evening yesterday.

The most attractive thing of the Tesla Model X crossover is the falcon wing doors that add uniqueness to the electric SUV. The doors are fitted with ultrasonic sensors that will let the falcon wing doors know how close they are to other vehicles. They can open up with spread out wings or even can raise straight up. The car comes with a huge windshield that covers flawlessly over the roof.

Musk admitted that the company got too carried away with the X SUV. If only they had known the engineering costs and complexity in designing the vehicle, they would have done little things on it.

The company has just started to build the Model X crossover and the production at the moment is quite low. He did not comment on how many Tesla Model X SUVs the company could make in a year. He only said that if a customer makes a booking for the Tesla Model X crossover, he will be able to take delivery of the car in 8 to 12 months time.

The annual sales forecast has been lowered by Tesla Motors to around 50,000 to 55,000 vehicles. This number could further come down as Tesla Model X SUV has taken a slow production start. The SUV has taken two extra years to come out than its original forecast made by the company.

The company also faced manufacturing hurdles with the giant windshield that will allow the driver to see the sky when he or she looks up. There is no metal until one-third of the way along the roof.

Some of the Tesla customers might have to wait for more than three years to lay their hands behind the wheel of the Model X SUV that they purchase for $40,000.

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