Tesla Model X Comes With Added Self Driving Features

Tesla Model X Comes With Added Self Driving Features

The Tesla model X is the first all electric crossover SUV offered by the California based automaker. The car was showcased at the company’s San Francisco bay area factory last week and everyone appreciated the features the Tesla offered in the electric car.

The most attractive feature in electric Tesla that swept everyone off their feet was the Falcon wing rear doors. During the launch a few of the selected customers were offered the new Tesla model X cars. The car has been a long time in the making and Tesla is still adding updates to the crossover to make it exceptional.

The most noticeable update on the Tesla Model X will be the self driving features that are incorporated in the vehicle. The Tesla model X SUV will now come with self parking features and it can change lanes automatically. The car will now feature independent door control that can be accessed remotely. Apart from this update, the Tesla model X will now offer five different ride options for various seat heights.

There are new cold weather controls also on offer on this attractive model X cross- over. The controls added are steering wheel heating, defrosters, seat heating and wipers. The car also gets graphics improvements on the dashboard.

The chief of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk was really happy to show off the model X to the public. The first version deliveries of the model X were done for six customers. The Model X 90 D SUV will offer a mileage of 257 miles on a single charge, which is an outstanding figure. It even bettered Tesla’s popular Model S sedan’s mileage.

Elon Musk announced the price of the car during its launch. The model X crossover will cost $5,000 more than the model S sedan. So, the model S SUV would be offered to you at a price between $ 80,000 and $ 110, 000. The high-end founder’s series trims of the model X crossover SUV was delivered to the customers during the launch. This car comes at a price of $132,000 and more.

If you want the Ludicrous Speed option in Model X then you will have to shell out at least $ 10,000 more than the original price of the vehicle. This speed package will boost the speed of the SUV like anything. The model X SUV will rocket from 0-60miles / hour in just 3.2 seconds.
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