Super Mario Maker In The News

Super Mario Maker In The News

For those who are Mario fans, they will have something to rejoice this month. The maker software has been launched in Japan and US this month and it has become one of the best sold software on the WII U platform. Nintendo, the maker of Super Mario has been able to sell this game and make it the best sold gaming software in Japan, beating Play station 4, and its rival for long. It might not be any coincidence that recently the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros was celebrated and many gaming fans went nostalgic about a game that they have been associated with since their early teen years.

Hence, the launch of the Super Mario Maker could not have been better planned. The first week of its launch saw about 138000 units having been sold and the game received excellent feedback from most of the fans. The Wii U has been on the back foot from Xbox One and Play station 4, it is an earlier gaming platform that seems to have lost out in the rat race over the years. Nintendo offers a different platform for gaming, but it is compared to the other titanic gaming platforms and that has left it woefully behind most of the time due to the stunning graphics and high performance that the rivals seem to offer.

The new game has brought the Wii U platform under the spotlight again and many are discovering the benefits of the console and its unique features again. The first week of this month saw Nintendo back in the news when it launched the new game, appropriately as the game or the characters completed thirty years of existence in the gaming world. The game has received critical acclaim and with the positive reviews that it has received worldwide, it has brought back Nintendo in the spotlight.

The game is unique; the main attraction of the game being that it allows members to build levels of Super Mario. Many are familiar with the adventures of the characters of the game, Luigi and Mario. For them it is definitely a treat to explore the familiar settings and situations through this game. The Wii U units sold in Japan have crossed about 21000 units, while the 3DS, another platform of Nintendo sold for about 28000 units. With the brothers’ anniversary coinciding with the game release, the hangover of this game has definitely served to get Nintendo back in the spotlight.


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