Slim People Reveal Some Of The Best Secrets Of Weight Loss

Slim People Reveal Some Of The Best Secrets Of Weight Loss

When one is looking to lose weight, it is necessary to take advice from those who have been able to achieve the same. Eat This, Not That! It is a premier portal and magazine that brings insights from celebrities who have actually done it like Padma Lakshmi, Maria Menon’s and Shaun T of Insanity fame. These are people who are committed to staying in shape throughout the year, even if they are on holidays or are surviving long, cold winter months.

There are strategies and secrets that are revealed by them, which would not be heard from weight loss experts like dieticians or doctors. For instance, Maria Menounos was able to lose forty pounds. She has come out with a guide to fitness and diet for girls as she wants to share her insights on how to stay healthy and lean. She states that being thin is not the main aim. The aim should be to remain healthy. For those who are able to stay healthy and thin, that is great but the risks of health should not be taken even if one has thinned down. Many thin girls use drugs, energy drinks and smoke cigarettes or starve themselves in order to maintain their thinness. She states that it is important that one learns to live a quality life and not simply a thin and unhealthy one. If healthy is the goal one would stay thin automatically.

Maria says that it is best to go gradual. When she started to lose weight, she had an excess of forty pounds. She could not go on an extreme diet and stop eating all the food she loved. At the same time, she had her work and family commitments which prevented her from having time to exercise two hours per day. Even with the gradual weight loss regime, she was able to bring about a change in her lifestyle which has stayed on even after she has lost the excess pounds.

The other tips include changes in diet like eating healthier versions of one’s favorite pasta dish, asking for smaller serves, opting for healthy fat in one’s food and drinking gallons of water along with coffee and tea which offer their benefits for weight loss and health. The key is to keep up the metabolism by balanced meals and exercise which will go a long way to ensure weight loss and maintenance of one’s body weight.

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