Skype Now Supports Android Wear Smart Watches

Skype Now Supports Android Wear Smart Watches

There has been an update made to the Skype for Android. You will now be able to check Skype notifications or even reply to Skype chats from your smart watch. This new Skype for Android updates is overdue and finally Skype has denied to come out with this update.

As Android wearable devices get popular every day, it was just about time for Skype to support the Android wear smart watches. The popular Android wear watches are: LG watch Urbane, ASUS Zen watch, Huawei watch, Moto 360 and many more. The three mentioned here has been specifically shown as examples by Skype as they feel that these models are now the most popular in the Android wear smart watch market.

The Microsoft owned social media platform Skype rolled out its support for an Apple watch in April this year. Now, it has spread its wings and also extended its support to Android wear watches.

Android wear smartwatch users will be able to reply to the messages that come with their Skype account through the watch by making use of the voice to text support. You can also choose the pre-written responses if you do not have time to send messages. You also have the option to draw on the smartwatch and to reply to the message through an emoji.

You can even manage your incoming Skype calls using the Android wear smartwatch. You can speak into your wrist watch and it can also be transferred onto your Android phone. If you are using the Bluetooth speaker with a headset, then you can talk to the Skype calls hands-free. This is a very good option and Skype for Android offers very good features for the Android wear to stay connected with your Skype friends and contacts.

All you got to do is to download the updated Skype app on your device if you want to access Skype on your Android wear smartwatch. Even though Skype has specifically mentioned the names of a few Android wear smart watches in its update, there are no limitations in place for downloading the new Skype app on a device that is not mentioned in the list.

Managing calls on your Android wear will allow you to accept or decline or hang up on a call or even mute any ongoing conversation. The latest update of Skype is available on the Google Play Store. The update version of Skype is version 6.4 that you can download easily from Google Play Store.

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