Simply Eating Veg And Fruits Might Not Lead To Weight Loss

Simply Eating Veg And Fruits Might Not Lead To Weight Loss

Most of us are made to believe that consuming vegetables and fruits would be the right way to go when one is considering a diet that would guarantee weight loss. However, there are certain finer details that we often overlook when we imply fruits and vegetables. It is a misleading notion to think that all kinds of fruits and vegetable consumption will lead to weight loss. That might not be totally true. Weight gain is usually not seen when one takes in plant based food items, but for those who wish to cut down on their calorie intake or lose weight, they need to be careful to note whether the fruit or vegetables are high in starch content.

Even though veggies and fruits are usually full of natural goodness and nutrients, too much of starch based fruits and vegetables can slow down your weight loss plan. Hence, for those who wish to eat their way to thinness, they need to look at vegetable and fruit consumption with a more critical look at what each item offers on the palate.

The US diet guidelines are making an emphasis on the Mediterranean style diet, which usually includes a lot of plant based items. This kind of diet will work for limiting the size or dimensions of the people. However, simply going generalist on fruit and vegetable intake might not work. It is necessary to note the items one should consume in order to experience weight loss. The vegetables, which include a high amount of starch like potatoes, starch and even peas, might not be a good idea unless these vegetables are used in moderate amounts in one’s diet and combined with other ingredients. The vegetables that should be consumed need to be high in fiber and low on the glycolic index like Brussels sprouts, broccoli and others. The food items that are low on the glycolic index can help to keep the blood sugar stable.

In order to answer the various questions that are raised about the right fruits and vegetables to consume, a study was done by Harvard, which looked at the intake of vegetable and fruits by about 133468 women and men who are above twenty four years of age. The study took into account other factors as well like relaxation activities, smoking and other habits as well as exercise and the number of hours of sleep one got. While the common choices were potatoes among vegetables and orange juice among fruits, it was found that berries, pears, apples and not starchy vegetable items are more effective for weight loss.

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