Sharp To Bring Out The World’s First 8K TV Next Month

Sharp To Bring Out The World’s First 8K TV Next Month

If you felt that watching movies and TV programs on a 4K TV gave you the experience of watching it in cinemas, then you need to wait for just a month to get to see the movies in even better picture quality. Sharp Electronics is all set to bring out the 8K TV to the world next month. This will be the first 8K TV to make its appearance in the world.

Sharp will commence the limited sales of the 8K televisions next month. This is an important step taken by Sharp as there are plans to come out with trial broadcasts of the 8K format in Japan next year.

The 8K format is known as Super Hi-Vision and it offers a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels. This resolution is 16 times more than what you get in the high definition TVs that you use today. The picture that you get on an 8K TV is 4 times more than what you enjoy in most of the popular movie theaters. The 4K resolution itself is a new thing that has just come to the market. Sharp has now made it clear that it has plans to soon come out with an 8K TV.

The new 8K TV will be offered to video production companies and broadcasters before going on sale on October 30. The price of the 8K TV has not yet been disclosed. It is believed that Sharp will be the first company coming out with an 85 inch 8K TV. The rumors have the price of an 85 inch 8K TV to be around $125,000.

The Japanese electronics giant, Sharp, has already received an order for a dozen 8K TVs from NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster. The test broadcasts in 8K have been planned for next year by the NHK and it has plans to get into regular 8K broadcast within the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

The 8K Sharp TV will come with a screen contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and with a viewing angle of 176 degrees. It will be offering 1054 pixels per inch density across the huge display area.

Sharp has set the ball rolling, and there is no doubt that all leading TV companies will now be thinking of bringing out the 8K TVs to be more competitive in the market. This news has come as a big surprise from Sharp as most of the TV giants are still discussing in the 4K TVs.


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