Seminars On Surgical Weight Loss At CHI Memorial

Seminars On Surgical Weight Loss At CHI Memorial

The options that patients have when it comes to weight loss by surgery are many as offered at CHI Memorial. The doctors at CHI Memorial who deal in bariatric care have planned to host free seminars this month. The options that obese patients have when it comes to surgical procedures would be explained at the seminar. The first seminar is scheduled to be held at the community room of the hospital CHI Memorial on Tuesday, 6th October while the second seminar is scheduled on 20th October and the venue is North River Civic Center.

The problems of obesity are many which are related to the health of individuals as well as the self-esteem of a person. The seminars are being held to help people understand what metabolic surgery is all about and how this kind of surgery will help any incumbent who is struggling with weight loss issues. The topics that will be discussed at the seminars would be useful for those who are contemplating weight loss surgery but are not aware of the particulars of the process and whether this kind of a procedure would be right for them. The topics include particulars of who would be a likely candidate for undergoing the weight loss procedure along with the particulars of the process, what can be expected when one is recovering from the operation as well as lifestyle changes that need to be done in order to ensure that the outcome is a successful one.

Accreditation was granted to CHI Memorial by the program that monitors the accreditation of bariatric surgeries and focuses on quality improvement. Hence, residents of the Chattanooga area can benefit from weight loss surgery which would be done by trained hospital personnel and support would be given to the individuals who undergo the weight loss operation programs.

In Chattanooga this is a unique hospital to have been recognized for conducting bariatric surgery. The corresponding quality and surgery programs are being implemented at this center. The free seminars would prove beneficial and informative to many and those who are interested can walk in for consultation and to book their seat in advance. They can come in with their queries regarding bariatric surgery, get to know the advantages and limitations of the surgery and the steps they need to take in order to ensure that the surgery is a success. The programs would be aided by registered dieticians and social workers who will help the patients monitor their weight past the surgery.

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