Scion Brand Makes A Big Statement By Launching Two New Models

Scion Brand Makes A Big Statement By Launching Two New Models

The drought of Scion products looks to be over. Scion made up for its long resentment from the market by bringing out two new cars this week. This is perhaps the biggest year for the Scion brand in many years. Scion wants to make its brand visible once again and this could just be the start of a long road ahead in the small car industry for this brand.

Scion has been bold enough to come out with small fuel efficient cars when the market is seeing a slump in the sales of small cars. The cars that Scion has brought into the limelight are: the Scion iM and the Scion iA. The Scion iM is an attractive and versatile hatchback car that comes with premium features. The car is estimated to give a fuel economy of 37 mpg on highways.

The Scion iA will be the first sedan to roll out of the stable of Scion. It will be offered with dynamic styling and great driving comforts. The sedan car is estimated to give a fuel economy of 42 mpg on highways. This is mainly attributed to its manual transmission system.

Scion has announced that both these new cars iM and iA will be available across the Scion dealerships by this week. There are more than 1000 Scion dealerships spread across America. The dealers are really excited about the new arrivals and they will be getting some new blood to sell after a long time. Like the brand, even the dealerships are very excited about these two new fuel efficient cars.

Toyota’s General Manager for Scion brand, Doug Murtha, said that the feedback received for both the new Scion cars have been positive and the company is looking to make inroads in the fuel efficient car category with these two new models.

Scion had brought a lot of its dealership sales people to Dallas to give them proper orientation and also build sales enthusiasm for the new brand of vehicles. This is the first such program organized by the Scion brand in three years and all the people attended went back with new vigor and energy.

Murtha said that the enjoyment in the face of the salespeople from the dealerships itself was quite pleasing and he is sure that both Scion iA and iM will enjoy good sales in the market. This is the best time to revive the fading popularity of the Scion brand. The falling gasoline prices have dented the purchase of vehicles with good mileage. But with good sales promotion and marketing, Scion brand can make an impact in the small car category.

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