Samsung Closing Down Milk Video Service From November 20

Samsung Closing Down Milk Video Service From November 20

Samsung devices had exclusive access to Milk video services. This is an exclusive arm of the Milk Music service on offer from Samsung. The South Korean electronics giant has announced on Monday that it will be stopping the Milk video service app for its Smartphone customers from November 20, 2015. Samsung will not be cutting off its popular streaming entertainment app Samsung Milk music app.

This move from Samsung was on the cards and is not one that will surprise anybody. It is very difficult for Samsung to set up a video service that needs sharing and exposure to enjoy growth in the app market. It cannot compete with the likes of YouTube app at any given time. The Samsung phone users did not find any reason why they need to switch to Samsung Milks video service app when they enjoyed all that they wanted from the established and popular streaming apps offered.

Milk video app made its debut in November last year. It did not click as expected by Samsung, despite many of the Smartphone users using Samsung brand phones. It only took Samsung 10 months to realize that the video app is not clicking in the app market and not serving the purpose that it had wished for. So, it took a decision to pull the plug of the Samsung Milk video app.

The Milk video app is a decent app that offers loads of music, a handful of exclusives and few movie trailers. It had only limited content when compared to other streaming video apps like YouTube and also did not have a subscriber base like YouTube.

Samsung did not say that the Milk Video service would be replaced by any other service. The information about closing the shop on the Samsung Milk video app was provided to the users through a service announcement that was embedded in the description of the app offered by the Google Play Store.

Samsung did not provide any reason as to why it is shelving its personalized social video platform. The company said that it will always remain committed to offering premium entertainment services for its users. The Milk video streaming service was only offered to the Samsung U.S. users and exclusively to those people using the Galaxy devices.

It will not be a surprise if Samsung shuts down its Milk Music service as well in a year’s time. The music app could be sold off to another company or it could be ended quietly like the Milk video app.

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