Rumor: Second Generation Of Google Chromecast Coming Later This Month

Rumor: Second Generation Of Google Chromecast Coming Later This Month

You would all have heard about Google Chromecast by now. This is the digital media player offered by Google and it has been in operation since 2013. This is a very small dongle that supports media content streaming and you can easily connect it to your TV’s HDMI port to access the video content offered on the dongle. It was launched very cheap and it is a very useful device.

There are rumors doing circles on the internet that Google is all set to come out with the 2nd generation Google Chromecast. The rumors say that the product could be coming sometime later this month. Google has not confirmed any of this news. In fact, there are even images of Google Chromecast Gen 2 dongles circulating on the internet that shows them in red, yellow and black colors.

The next generation Google Chromecast will be coming out with many improvements than the first generation. The most important thing is that there will be an improvement in the Wi-Fi capability that supports band. There are also a few software inclusions made to the device to make it more useful and powerful for the users. The streaming stick itself will be a refreshed one and will have a balloon like appearance.

A new feature that is most likely to be used in the 2nd generation Chromecast is the Fast Play feature. This will enable the device to quickly connect to the TV and the complaint of the current device taking more time to get linked up with TV will become history.

Google is also working out on a plan to make the device to get plugged directly onto a speaker through a cord. This will help in making the device support multi-room speaker set up. It will also help in mirroring the audio that is played on the Google Chrome browser or an Android device. The Chromecast Audio feature allows you to plug the device on any speaker through an aux cable to listen to your favorite music.

Some information from the internal sources in Google reveals that the search giant has plans of launching the second generation Google Chromecast on 29 September. This will be done along with the release of new Nexus devices.

The 2nd generation Chromecast is expected to be first available in 10 countries and then it will be rolled on to other countries as well in due course of time.


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