Roku Unveils Roku 4 Box For 4K Video Streaming

Roku Unveils Roku 4 Box For 4K Video Streaming

Roku, the media streaming device maker, officially announced the launch of their new product Roku 4. This updated version of the hardware will now support HD TVs and Ultra HD TVs. Roku has simultaneously launched the latest version of their operating system called Roku OS 7.

The video streaming box industry is blooming at the moment and Apple and Amazon have already launched streaming solutions for the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

The practical feature in Roku 4 includes 4K video support for up to 60 frames. The HDCP2.2 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi is needed to handle the bandwidth required for such content. The Wi-Fi supported remote is used in the Roku 4. The headphone jack allows the user to listen to the audio of the shows without using the speakers of the HDTV. This will help them to listen to their favorite shows without disturbing other people around.

With the addition of the Roku OS 7 software, the Roku 4 gets a lot of new features to give you an impressive show watching experience. The My Feed feature will give you the option of tracking the director, actor, movie or the show you are watching. The changes in the prices of the content and the availability of the content will be let known to you through the My Feed feature.

A new feature added to the new Roku 4 is the Hotel and Dorm connect. This is ideal for students and travelers. If the dorm or the hotel needs a form to be filled out before you can access Roku 4 content through the internet, the form will be offered to your tablet or software via the Roku app for iOS and Android. Fill this phone using your tablet or phone and Roku will give you access to the Roku 4 content.

The Roku 4 looks really set to give the Apple TV a good run in the market this holiday season. It is now currently available for pre-order on the Roku website. The shipping of the Roku 4 ultra high definition streaming service will commence later this month. The new Roku 4 will be coming with pre-installed Roku OS software.

The new Roku 4 is offered at a price of $129 and is less expensive than the Android TV and the new Apple TV. Roku users looking to upgrade their streaming device can now use Roku 4 to get ultra high definition viewing pleasure.

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