Reasons not to buy a New iPhone

Reasons not to buy a New iPhone

Apple has done an excellent job telling the world about their iPhone. The promotion has made the iPhone among the most popular cell phones to own. The question is does the Apple iPhone meet the hype? Is the iPhone truly worth the price tag? Here are the top reasons not to buy a new iPhone.

The first reason is the high price tag. This is a cell phone that is very costly. As there are phones that provide similar features for a lot less, it’s actually a status thing. For e-mail and web capabilities you’ll be able to get a Motorola or Blackberry Q for a lot less than an iPhone. If you’re searching for music and touch screens, there are hundreds of mobiles which will satisfy these demands without having to shell out so much cash. Although the marketing of the iPhone is geared toward teenagers and young adults, does a teen actually want a $500 cell phone?Do you realize that you can’t replace the battery in your iPhone? You’re out of luck if this battery expires. It’ll be gone in under two years, and when your battery dies, you must get a brand new iPhone. Seemingly this was not known by many users as Apple made no attempt to make this common knowledge. Now they’re in litigation over the battery problem. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing an iPhone make sure to get a guarantee that covers the battery. Otherwise you’ll be paying within 24 months, that’s the typical life of a cell phone battery for another phone.

There are many shortcomings to its browser, although the iPhone is touted as having astonishing web abilities. The browsers search abilities are seriously lacking. This makes locating what you need on the web hard and time consuming. The other attribute the browser lacks is the ability to save passwords. In regards to memory of the iPhone – you can buy a 8 GB, a 6 GB, or a 16 GB iPhone. Many iPhone enthusiasts claim this storage capacity removes the need for a different MP3 player, like an iPod, hence saving you cash. In fact, teenagers can download 16 GB of video and music in an incredibly short period of time. This leaves no memory for pictures or other programs. So there aren’t any actual savings, as you’ll need a different MP3 player. This is another place where the iPhone is lacking.

If you want to use it you’re restricted to AT&T’s cell phone service bundles for the iPhone. These bundles are not cheap. This has caused a lot of hacked iPhones out there that can be used on other networks. As long as AT&T’s deal and Apple remains exclusive, you’ll have hackers. Before you purchase an iPhone, it’s best to consider the downside and make the most educated choice.

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