PS4 Prices In West May Drop, Says Xbox Boss

PS4 Prices In West May Drop, Says Xbox Boss

Everyone who is a fan of the gaming consoles knows that the two most popular consoles are Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 at the moment. Even though Nintendo has its own gaming console called Wii U, it has miles to go before it scales tot the popularity of Xbox One ad PS4 in the U.S. Sony’s PS4 is the best selling gaming console all over the globe. But, Microsoft’s Xbox One is close behind and making huge strides in its sales.

The Xbox President, Phil Spencer, is having a vague feeling that the price of the PlayStation 4 gaming console will come down soon. There is no indication from his side that the price of the console in the U.S. market will see a drop or not. He says that the plans that Microsoft Xbox One has in store for the holiday season is a good one when considering the playbook that Sony has used in the past.

Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 will be going through a price drop in Japan during this year’s Tokyo Game Show. This announcement from Sony came due to the latest censorship ordeal in Japan and this has led to the decrease in the sales rate of PlayStation 4.

Because of this, Microsoft executives feel that the PlayStation prices might also drop in the USA. But, there is no confirmation as to when this will happen. If the gaming consoles lovers do not end up winning the bundle offers from Sony, then their last hope would be Sony’s announcement of a price drop before the end of this year. Sony PS4 fans are hoping that the announcement of a price drop in the U.S comes just before the holiday season.

Sony will also be looking to bring out the price cuts on its PS4 gaming consoles just before the holidays so that they enjoy maximum sales during the holiday season. If you take a look at the monthly sales of the two fierce gaming console competitors in the U.S, there is no indication that Microsoft will be able to catch up with Sony quickly. Sony sees twice the PS4 than as many consoles that Microsoft is able to sell.

This domination by Sony’s PS4 in the U.S. market might end soon as Xbox One is soon going to get a boost. Phil Spencer feels that Sony will be making an announcement very soon about the price drop of PS4.


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