Progressive Luxury Concept Form Lexus All Set To Unveil At Tokyo

Progressive Luxury Concept Form Lexus All Set To Unveil At Tokyo

There were strong rumors doing rounds on the internet that Lexus would be bringing the Lexus LS model to Japan for the Tokyo Auto Show. But, as a contrary to this rumor, Lexus now has announced that it will be showcasing a luxury concept car at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show. The new concept that will be showcased at the Tokyo show will be highlighting the Lexus future vision of progressive luxury.

This is the luxury marquee car that Toyota will be launching in the market to compete with the likes of other luxury brands like Audi, Mercedes and BMW. The Tokyo Auto Show is all set to begin on the 30th of October and coincidentally Lexus will be celebrating its 25th anniversary during the period. So, there is no doubt that the Lexus pavilion at the show will be the main talking point during the show and a lot of footfall will be seen at the Lexus pavilion.

There are expectations that the progressive luxury car that Toyota wants to bring to the market is one that offers great styling and performance. There are more reasons to suspect that the progressive luxury car that Lexus is talking about could be the LS luxury segment that would be offered with revved up the features and underpinning to make it sit with the likes of Mercedes S class and the BMW 7 series in the car market.

Toyota the owner of the Lexus brand has always been one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to making use of the latest technologies on their car. But, with the Lexus progressive luxury car, Toyota wanted to bring out a car that would compete with all the top luxury models in the market.

In fact Lexus has also come out with the public showing of the self driving car technology that it was developing last month. It revealed the Highway teammate concept that will help the car to maintain its lane discipline and also maintain a safe distance between the cars on a multi car road. The car also demonstrated how it can easily overtake on its own on the roads and also exit or get into the highways.

These Lexus autonomous cars are targeted for the United States and the China markets. Along with the new progressive luxury concept car, Lexus will be bringing out 10 more vehicles to the Tokyo Show that includes RX SUV and GS F sedan.

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