Porsche Sending More Macan Cars To The U.S.

Porsche Sending More Macan Cars To The U.S.

The demand for the Porsche Macan cars in the United States never seems to dry. There are many Porsche Macan lovers who cannot buy their favorite vehicle from the U.S dealerships and drive it home the same day. This is despite the increase in the Macan allocation by Porsche of America.

Even though the waiting period for the Macan reduced greatly during the summer sales in the U.S. still the shipping of the Macan car from Porsche’s German plant is not meeting the demand for the car in the U.S. market. The result is that customers have to undergo waiting periods before they get their hands laid behind the wheels of the Macan.

After the waiting period had topped to six months for the Porsche Macan cars, it has now come down drastically. Porsche USA is now able to catch up with the demand for the car in the country. The Porsche CEO of North America, Detlev von Platen, said that the wait for the Porsche has greatly reduced when compared to the first year waiting period. Now, customers have to wait just for two months to get the Porsche Macan they have booked through U.S. dealerships.

The wait for the Porsche Macan to arrive on the U.S soil from Germany was equally difficult to digest both for the dealers as well as the customers. More often than not Porsche dealerships in the U.S ran out of stock of Macan cars. Porsche Macan has made a very good high demand debut in the U.S. and its demand is still strong.

The shortage of Porsche Macan and the rising demand for the car made Porsche work out a lease program for a short period where the customer who booked Macan was allowed to use Boxer or the Porsche Cayman car till their car arrived at the dealership.

The sale of Porsche Macan has been seeing an increase in most of the months throughout this summer. June recorded 40 % sales, July recorded a 61% sales and it was 38% sales in August. In September again, Porsche saw huge demand for the Macan cars and the sales increased to 65%.

So far, Porsche’s U.S. operations have been able to sell 10,281 Macan cars in the first nine months. The sales figure was just 4,649 Macans last year. There is a prediction that the U.S sales of Macan will touch 18,000 units annually and Porsche will have to gear up to meet the demand.
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