PlayStation 4 Prices Might Be Dropping Soon

PlayStation 4 Prices Might Be Dropping Soon

There are rumors coming through that Sony is looking to drop the price of its most popular gaming console PlayStation 4 (PS4) very soon. It looks like the leader in the gaming console market wants to stay a bit further from its fiercest rival Microsoft’s Xbox One and hence has decided to cut down on the price of PS4 to boost its sales even further during the holiday season in the United States.

Though this news has not been confirmed by Sony, the popular online and retail gadgets tore target is hinting about a price cut to come out soon for the PS4. The website of Target now has the Sony PS4 sells at a price of $349.99, which was previously $399.99. This means that the PS4 is now offered at $50 less than its previous price. The $399.99 has remained constant for the PS4 right from November 2013 when Sony first launched the PS4.

Sony has not officially announced a price cut for POS4 in the West. But, the company has recently lowered its price in Japan from ¥39,980 to ¥34,980 from October 1. Also, Xbox One boss, Phil Spencer, had gone public saying that he feels that Sony would be bringing out a similar price reduction for its PS4 console in Europe and North America soon. This might be the reason that Target has cut down the price of Sony PS4 by $50 in order to cash in more sales before the big Announcement by Sony.

There is no doubt that people looking to buy PS4 gaming console and PlayStation fans in North America would be eager to know if Sony would be coming out with a price cut soon. At present, Target is offering a $50 gift certificate when people purchase specific PS4 bundles. This is a limited period offer.

The Japan market was the weakest in terms of sale for Sony and the price drop by Sony was to sell more consoles in its homeland. The price cut in Japan will only come into effect after October 31. Also, with Xbox One base model offered at $350, Sony might be looking at a price cut of $50 for its PS4 consoles to coincide with the popular holiday season sales.

There are rumors that Sony would be making the big announcement during the Paris Games week to commence from October 28 or during its proposed press conference on October 27.
Image Credit : Tech News Today

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