Paula Deen Accomplishes A Loss Of Forty Pounds But Hates To Diet

Paula Deen Accomplishes A Loss Of Forty Pounds But Hates To Diet

Those who are around Paula Deen should not use the word “diet” as she finds the word restrictive and brings on a sense of deprivation that she does not like. Paula, the celebrity chef, has been able to lose forty pounds before she joined Dancing with the Stars, the new season that is being aired currently. She told E! News that the word is something that she would not use even when the main aim is to go clean and consume meals that are prepared in a healthier way with fresh ingredients.

The interview she gave took place during her rehearsals and break between practices with Louis Van Amstel. She says that the key word to use is a moderation which is the main underlying principle of a diet. Everyone can have a cookie, but when one has several of them, that are where the problem lies.

Deen is 68 years of age and has recently published a book called Cut the Fat which talks about how some of her best known recipes can be cooked by simply shaving down the harmful ingredients or lessening some of the ingredients that make the same meals healthier. The book was a way of showing that the same dishes could be made to taste wonderful and healthy at the same time.

The same approach was used by Deen, moderating and eating clean which helped her to shed about forty pounds. She then gained the confidence of joining up the reality show after passing up the opportunity several times, which was offered to her by ABC.

She states that, when the offer came round for the fourth time, she was ready to accept it this time for her team as well as her family. She finds it to be doable now as she has lost forty pounds. She has picked 1989 to be the most memorable year for her and now she is practicing with Louis Van Amstel for the show this year. For those who are fans of her cooking and are inspired by her weight loss, they need to support her as she goes on air and takes on DWTS. It will definitely be a challenge that will be for her, being in the late sixties and taking up the challenge to make herself fit and participate in the dance show. She hopes that her new cookbook helps her fans to find a way to balance healthy eating with wonderful tasty meals.

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