Oculus And Samsung Join Hands To Bring $99 Gear VR

Oculus And Samsung Join Hands To Bring $99 Gear VR

The Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, has joined hands with Oculus to bring out a $99 virtual reality headset. This consumer version of the VR headset is all set to go on sale this fall. Both Samsung and Oculus jointly unveiled the headset known as Samsung Gear VR in a media event in Los Angeles last Thursday. This joint venture will be looking to bring the virtual reality into the mainstream.

The forthcoming Gear Virtual reality headset will be compatible with many of the handset models that Samsung has brought out. It will be working fine with Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S5, S6 edge and S6 Edge+. The Samsung users who will be using this affordable Gear VR headset will experience a totally different and unique multimedia experience.

Samsung has always been at the forefront of bringing in new mobile experiences to its users and the Gear VR headset is another tool to offer a better multimedia experience for its Smartphone users. Samsung had impressed one and all earlier this year with the Gear VR Innovative Edition.

Samsung’s CEO and the President of IT and Mobile division, JK Shin, says that the VR is going to be the next computing platform. The company is quite thrilled to have partnered with Oculus Gear VR to set new standards for the mobile virtual reality and to bring forth the new revolutionary Gear VR headset to the consumers.

The new Gear VR headset brought out in collaboration with Oculus is 22 percent lighter than its previous headset, the Gear VR Innovative edition. The touch pad of the Gear VR has undergone a huge overhauling and now comes with great responsiveness. The users who use the Gear VR will be able to enjoy better and precise control when playing games and when accessing multimedia content.

A back button with motion sensors and a track pad is what you will see in a Gear VR headset. The sensors will help in performing acceleration and gyroscopic functions. The Samsung phone users will be able to harbor their phone inside the headset using MicroUSB connectivity. This will give the phone users the access to enjoy clear and deeper gaming and video watching experiences.

The Samsung Oculus Gear VR will be made available at $99 from this fall and Samsung is expecting the headset to attract many buyers during the holiday season. The VR headset comes in Frost White color. The Oculus Rift VR headset will be going on sale in the first quarter of 2016.




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