Nissan Teases Its Gripz Concept Before Frankfurt Showing

Nissan Teases Its Gripz Concept Before Frankfurt Showing

Nissan has released a teaser video of the Gripz concept car that it will be showcasing at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show next week. There is no doubt that there will be a lot of auto show visitors gearing up at the Nissan Pavilion in Frankfurt Motor Show to get a glimpse of this attractive concept car.

There are rumors doing the rounds that the Gripz will be replacing the Z coupe and convertible. The early look of the model was released by Nissan to attract more and more people to its pavilion to catch the full glimpse of the car during the show.

This concept looks to have taken a cue from the stylish Nissan Juke car. A nose at the front resembles the Nissan’s popular V motion grille, front fenders that are seen above the level of the hood and angular headlights. The future of the Gripz concept will be based on the next Nissan Juke that will be entering into production early next year on the CMF-B modular platform of the company.

The instrument cluster will look unique in the Gripz luxury car with the tachometer and the speedometer in concentric rings and the smaller dials for battery voltage, oil pressure and the transmission gear indicator arranged neatly in these rings. The speedometer only shows up to 136 mph.

The Gripz concept was inspired from the 240Z racing cars of the bygone era apart from road bicycling. The hood of the car that was revealed in the teaser video had black color that looks to be paying homage to the classic Datsun 240Z racing cars. The video also showed clippings of the decade old 240Z racing cars battling out in the desert. It also showed a bit of the high end specialized road bike from S-works. So, this means that Nissan wants to give a fitting tribute to the race car as well as the bike through its new Gripz concept car.

There are strong rumors that the Nissan Gripz concept car will be the successor to the 370Z coupe and the convertible. The 370Z convertible and the coupes will be most likely phased out by 2017. This would be the time for the power packed and performance oriented car like Nissan Gripz to step in and fill the void of performance cars left behind by the coupe and convertible. More details about the Gripz concept will be revealed once it

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