New Facebook Notes Can Turn You Into A Blogger

New Facebook Notes Can Turn You Into A Blogger

Facebook is looking to increase its user base and wants to stay on top of the social media platform sites for longer. On Friday, Facebook came out with a set of changes to increase its customer base and to offer its existing monthly active users even better features. The major change that you will see on Facebook is the changes made to Facebook Notes.

The Notes feature was first offered on the Facebook site for users to come out with extended entries. It did not get the kind of appreciation that Facebook expected from the users. Now, Facebook as given a fillip to the Notes feature and in the new update users will be able to use it as a tiny CMS inside the Facebook. You can now add cover art caption images, format text and also resize the aligned photos.

There is no doubt that Notes from Facebook has been given a major tweak by the company. The update was made as the Notes feature was long overlooked by Facebook users. Adding a cover photo to your note will give an insight into what the note is all about. You get the option of formatting your text in headers, bullets, quotes, etc.

The new improved Facebook Notes looks more like a blog post layout. This is a striking contrast to the earlier format of a single white paper. The first version of the Facebook Notes would mainly serve the purpose of writing a long post about your memories or opinion or experience. The last significant update on the Notes was done by Facebook in 2010.

The Facebook notes also did not get well with other features like location check-in. Now, Notes offer a host of customization features like adding a cover photo and this will enable the users to write on a wide variety of subjects.

The option to create headlines, different format texts and also to add bullet points will help in making the Notes look more or less like a blog. You can now underline, italicize, bold, and add quotes to your Notes that were not possible earlier. This will ensure that there are more takers for the new notes feature than Facebook experienced previously.

The all new Facebook Note is currently available on both the app version as well as the Facebook website. The present creation of the Note is only allowed for users accessing Facebook on the web.


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